Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Actress. Answer. Aroma.

Let us gather in remembrance and roses this week.

Actress.  Lord, the angel of death has been moving amongst the famous.  Golden Age actress, Olivia de Havilland passed on in her sleep this past weekend at the advanced age of 104.  She must have been a true woman of God for the Lord to give her such a long life.  Either that, or her estranged sister, in one final act of bitterness, was lobbying to keep Olivia out of glory for as long as possible.  Who knows?

Answer.  In other news of obituary note, long time television host, Brother Regis Philbin, also met his Maker this past weekend.  I don’t know Brother Philbin’s religious affiliation, but I can affirm that his long association with that fine, gospel singing Sister Kathie Lee must have surely been a baptism-by-association which was met with great rejoicing at the throne of thrones.  When St. Peter himself asked Brother Regis to confess his faith upon entering, I hope that Pete’s sense of humor kicked in and made him respond to such testimony with, “Is that your final answer?”  Let the angels rejoice!

Aroma.  Speaking of graves, Sister Melania Trump is digging up the White House Rose Garden.  Allegedly, she’s renovating the rose resplendence.  After all, when one is anticipating staying in one’s house for another few years, one plans one’s landscaping accordingly.  I’m sure that this undertaking will be fruitful given the seediness of life in that house.  To many, it is a thorny issue which may take some back-petaling on MT’s part.  But I wish her abundant new growth since she has clearly been deflowered so many times in her past.  May her bushes never be trimmed too closely and may their buds provide a fragrant aroma as they open as full as the blooming idiot with whom she is so often seen.  After all, there is plenty of natural fertilizer nearby.  Alleluia.