Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


As someone who has actively avoided exposure to any audio or video of the Moronic Slob in Chief for the sake of mental health, THE FIGHT is a tough movie to watch. But one that shouldn’t be missed.

The film starts with the swearing-in of the 45th (and worst by a landslide) President of the United States and only leads to actual swearing out loud from there. This documentary feature follows a team of ACLU lawyers behind four historic lawsuits (of 173 and counting against the current administration) on subjects ranging from abortion and immigration to LGBTQ and voting rights.

THE FIGHT will be available for at-home screening starting tomorrow and as difficult and blood-boiling as it can be to watch, it’s also a source of tremendous hope knowing that there are still people fighting hard for equality for everyone.

Most summers in recent years have had blockbuster Marvel and DC movies, but in 2020 we finally get a film about some real heroes for a change.

Available on-demand tomorrow

Photo by Sabrina Lantos, courtesy of THE FIGHT