Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pink Traveler: Okie Dokie

You learn something new every day. Even know-it-alls like us!

How is it that we’ve lived in Dallas all of our adult lives and we’ve never been to Broken Bow, Oklahoma? In a mere three hours, you can be in the shade of towering pine trees in the Ouachita National Forest while sipping on a cold cocktail from the private hot tub on the deck of a luxury cabin.

This was the exact scenario last week when we traveled with friends for the first time since the lockdowns and social distancing orders went into place. And it was glorious—mostly because we were able to travel together safely.

How did we do it? It was easy, really. Because we were vacationing in celebration of a dear friend’s birthday, his husband generously booked three separate Blue Beaver Luxury Cabins so that each household represented could have their own private spaces. When inside the cabin together, which never happened for more than five minutes at a time, we all wore masks. Then we spent most of our together time on the outdoor decks, each at a table more than six feet from the next.

Nice Beaver! Pet-friendly Blue Beaver Luxury Cabins have everything you need to relax.

When we ventured out on the breathtakingly pristine Broken Bow Lake, we rented a pontoon boat that held 11 people for our group of five so that we could still be overly cautious with our social distancing. We rarely saw other boats on the lake and when we did, they were so far away we couldn’t even make out their faces. Broken Bow Lake is easily one of the most gorgeous inland bodies of water we’ve ever seen, from the clear water to the hidden coves all over its undeveloped shorelines.

If you’re looking to take a road trip sometime this month or over Labor Day Weekend, we can’t recommend this area enough. Now, a warning.

During our entire three-day visit, we only saw a literal handful of people wearing masks. There were huge groups of people partying on boats and gathered en masse as they entered restaurants, breweries and casinos. Luckily, we brought all our own provisions and never once ventured into any business in the entire state other than checking in at the marina (where again we were the only people wearing masks).

Sure, this may not be the ideal way to truly experience a vacation destination if you’re not a fan of cooking or hanging out with the people you traveled with for extended periods. But for anyone taking Covid-19 seriously, it’s a fantastic way to get a change of scenery with limited risk. And we love traveling with our group of friends, so it really wasn’t a setback whatsoever.

Besides, by keeping to ourselves at our own trio of cabins, we could really let our freak flags fly and be our crazy, flamboyant selves. Even Sasquatch gave us the thumbs up from the bushes behind our deck as we blared Whitney Houston at full volume while decorating wigs at our arts-and-crafts station.

Because that’s how we roll.

Broken Bow, Oklahoma
2 hours, 55 minutes from Dallas