Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Harris, Hallelujah & Hell.

There is no hell like a woman scorned.

Harris.  After a seeming eternity of offering my Christian perspective on our current President and his party, let us turn our gaze this week across the aisle.  Brother Joe Biden announced his running mate last week and I feel that I, as a Christian woman, need to opine on potential Vice-President Sister Kamala Harris.  Most of my followers know that I try to set an example as a strong woman of faith.  Consequently, I admire sister Kamala’s strength of her convictions. She is very forthright in her manner of speaking and tone.  Normally, my prayer would be that she learn to be more ladylike and present her opinions and chastisements of our current political climate in a much more backhanded way like I do.  But these are times which call for what the Mexicans call “cojones.”  And I believe that Sister Harris has them in large diameter.  Amen?

Hallelujah.  The Democratic national convention has virtually begun…virtually. It’s begun. But it’s virtual. I digress. Former first lady sister Michelle Obama gave a powerful personal testimony on Monday evening.  Brothers and Sisters, Michelle has historically been discreet in her forthrightness, therefore her bold vernacular was surprising.  Let us pray for a gospel revival led by Sister Michele and Sister Kamala held in that proverbial large tent. Lives will be changed, decisions will be made, people will be touched, and thousands will surrender their lives to foreign missions.  Shout Hallelujah!

Hell.  Finally, as we contemplate the many ways in which we must experience hell here on this earth, let us reflect on some recent meteorological data. One of the highest temperatures ever recorded on this earth happened this week in Death Valley, California. Clocking in at 130°F, the Lord is speaking to us via the atmosphere. Repent, lest ye continue to acclimate yourselves to the environs of Hell!  In related news, Satan himself was seen vacationing in Death Valley as a part of his annual trip to seek cooler weather.  Praise!