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Wrinkle, Wrinkle, Little Scar

Since March, we’ve aged. A lot.

We’ve gone from hip creeper to crypt creeper seemingly overnight. You’d think all the quarantine weight gain would’ve smoothed out our fine lines and wrinkles, but somehow that hasn’t been the case. We blame the stress of all things 2020, but we’re not going to take it lying down.

Well, actually we are, but that’s only because they don’t perform skin treatments on people standing up at Vitalyic Medspa.

The newly opened cosmetic medical spa in the Park Cities features a state-of-the-art facility loaded floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall with ways to help each of us age a bit more gracefully. In fact, they offer several services that can actually set back the clock on your skin’s age by several years, if not decades (we’ve seen the before/after photos as proof!)

Co-founders Imran Sheikh, Amir Mortazavi

Regular readers of He Said Magazine know we’ll try just about anything when it comes to spa treatments, at least once. Brazilian wax? Sure, why not. In-home vegan spray tan? OK, we’re game. Vampire penis injections? Only if he doesn’t bite.

So when we were invited into Vitalyc Medspa to get a skin evaluation, we jumped at the opportunity. After all, the man in the mirror these days is looking too close to Wilford Brimley (may he rest in peace).

Our first visit started with an in-person interview about our most concerning skin and body issues. We figured the easiest way was to list our flaws alphabetically. By the time we got to the letter M, we were both ready for a lunch break, but soldiered on.

We mutually agreed to focus on the face, even though we could’ve easily settled on one of the men’s body services, too. But right now everything below the neck is a lost cause until we get back into the gym. So we sat down at the Visia Skin Analysis machine, which resembles the thingy at the eye doctor that you rest your chin on before getting a blast of air in your eye. Instead, you get several blasts of light as the machine takes multiple photos to analyze several different facets of your skin. As well as let you know your skin’s age.

Get ready to see your face in a whole new light.

We won’t share our skin age with you in this story, but let’s just say it’s more Golden Girls than Glee. And don’t worry, we will share that scary number in a few months after we’ve had our first major age-reversal procedure sometime this fall and have a legit before/after scenario of our own for show and tell. (The laser procedure they want to give us requires a full month of no sun, so we need to plan our trip to the Equator accordingly.)

If you want to find out what treatments could benefit you, the initial consultation and Visia Skin Analysis are completely free. And if you choose to book a service, they’re offering 10% off with the code HeSaid10.

Next, imagine ripping off your face mask and revealing a whole new you to friends and family. Because if you can’t make people jealous during a pandemic, what’s the point in all this?

Vitalyc Medspa
Now open
Free initial consultation
Save 10% off services with code HeSaid10
6915 Preston Road, Dallas