Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pool, Pockets & Protestants

The Lord is moving in mighty ways!

Pools.  I am always so proud, as a Christian, when my fellow faith leaders are featured in the news. Brother Jerry Falwell Jr. has truly brought light and attention to his ministry in these recent days. Apparently, desiring to turn his personal swimming pool into a baptismal font for full immersion conversions, he arranged for a strapping young Christian to attend to such matters. In the process, Brother Falwell’s betrothed received a special gift of tongues that delighted Brother Jerry greatly. It is always a blessing when the Lord moves in such a mighty ways.  May he continue to fall well.

Pockets.  I so rarely pay attention to the filth and degradation which disguises itself as comedy in our world these days. Aside from a few Christian comedians, I just couldn’t care less. However I have always been blessed by the wholesome musings of Brother Jim Gaffigan who seems to be such a nice young man. However, he recently issued a tweeter tirade on our esteemed president with language which truly took me aback. I would much prefer that he stick to the humorous aspects of hot pocket sandwiches, but I will admit that these are apocalyptic times which are causing great consternation amongst even the most wholesome (even though brother Jim is a Catholic). While many on both sides have made copious responses to Brother Gaffigan‘s expressions, I feel certain that he is sitting at home with his wife singing a rousing rendition of Sister Edith Piaf’s hit, “Non, je ne regrette rien.”

Protestants.  In the midst of our world’s signs of the end times, we are still subject to filth from the music industry via the television. This past weekend’s Video Music Awards telecast was the usual parade of demonic possession. While I admire even these reprobates’ willingness to wear protective masks, some people just take it too far. If I showed up at church wearing any one of those masks that Sister Lady Gaga was sporting, there would be a spontaneous exorcism that would make Linda Blair‘s head finally twist completely off. Fortunately, I don’t listen to most of this music so it was all a mystery to me. However I am interested in a message in song that is being presented by Sister Cardi B, who apparently is so poor that she can’t afford a last name. I’m looking forward to being blessed by her song about White American Protestants.