Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sneak Peek: Fun For Your Ears

It might be a dreary day outside, but we’ve got an immediate pick-me-up for you right here on this pretty little digital page.

The first single from Bright Light Bright Light and Caveboy’s Fun City album has hit the interwebs and we’ve been playing it on repeat ever since our first listen.

“It’s Alright, It’s OK” is a joyous song about LGBTQ identity and stars Glow Job, a gender-fluid artist and activist who knows exactly which fabric to borrow off a clothesline for a fabulous outfit!

There’s a very Scissor Sisters vibe happening on the song, which was co-produced by Scissor Sisters’ Babydaddy, and that’s a theme that carries throughout the album, especially (and obviously) on a track that features vocals from none other than Jake Shears.

The entire album features a VIP guest list of collaborators and you’re going to love dancing around the house in your underwear Risky Business-style.

Pre-order the album now and you’ll have the soundtrack of a fabulous fall at your fingertips come next week. Until then, we think you’ll enjoy the single on repeat as much as we do.

Fun City, Bright Light Bright Light
Pre-order now for September 18 release

Photos courtesy of Bright Light Bright Light

‘Fun City’ Track Listing
1. “Touchy” (feat. Brendan MacLean)
2. “I Used To Be Cool”
3. “Sensation” (feat. Jake Shears)
4. “Good at Goodbyes” (feat. Andy Bell)
5. “You Make It So Easy Don’t You” (feat. Sam Sparro)
6. “It’s Alright It’s Okay” (feat. Caveboy)
7. “This Was My House” (feat. Niki Haris, Donna De Lory & Initial Talk)
8. “Never be Lonely” (feat. KAYE)
9. “These Dreams” (feat. The Illustrious Blacks)
10. “Love Song” (feat. Big Dipper)
11. “Next To You” (feat. Mark Gatiss)
12. “Saying Goodbye Is Exhausting” (feat. Justin Vivian Bond)