Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Your To-Go Go-To

Six months to the day.

That’s how long it’s been since we’ve eaten at a restaurant. Indoors, anyway. Since March 16 and the kickoff of the Dallas lockdown, we’ve only eaten twice on restaurant patios and the rest has all been takeout. Or curbside grocery pickup. (If you get a big pile of origami from us for Christmas, it’s because we couldn’t figure out anything else to do with all the paper bags.)

Sometime in the middle of all this, we rediscovered Foxtrot Market, the holy grail of takeout and delivery in Dallas. We love it so much because with one app, we can purchase provisions for making our own meals at home with chef-created, ready-to-eat options all in the same bag. (Or multiple bags as is usually the case.)

Foxtrot doesn’t deliver to our White Rock Lake area neighborhood, but we know plenty of people who are as addicted to their delivery service as we are their pickup option. We still enjoy getting out of the house, and carrying our own bags helps keep our muscles strong. Especially because our Foxtrot orders tend to be 80% wine. (We blame their in-house sommelier for picking so many great deals.)

If you’ve yet to try out either the Uptown or University Park locations, here’s what you can expect: lots and lots of local brands. From coffee and craft beer to cheese and ice cream, you’ll find everything local clearly marked in the Foxtrot app and on the Foxtrot website.

But what we really love is the Foxtrot rewards program, called Perks. Spend $100 in a month and you earn great benefits, including free delivery, a free coffee or tea whenever you visit the store in person, $3 specialty drinks, all-day happy hour and free gift-wrapping.

To get the most out of Foxtrot, you should definitely visit the Offers! section when you’re shopping on the app or web store. We’ve made many a delicious discovery by trying out something on sale that we might not have ever considered. Cola-flavored prebiotic infused sparkling tonic, anyone? Mushroom jerky? $9 bottles of wine? These are all items we’ve found in this special section.

So, if you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re Foxtrot fanatics.

And we don’t even need rhythm.

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