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Mask-Up Monday

How many masks do you have now? If you’re like us, that number has climbed to at least a dozen or two different styles, shapes, colors and fabrics to suit nearly any occasion. We’ve been given many different types of masks from both friends and manufacturers, so when we come across any we really like, we’re going to share them with you.

Here are our two favorites right this very moment:


One of the things we’ve discovered the past six months we’ve been wearing masks is that we generally like disposable masks better for long-term wearing, but the cheaper paper ones can feel almost too flimsy, even though we trust that they’re doing their job if medical professionals wear them.

But this new, medical-grade, made-in-the-USA Nano Air PURE-MSK is hands-down our favorite disposable mask yet. They filter more than 95% of airborne particles and contaminants down to 0.3 microns, including aerosol droplets (acchoo!), bacteria, allergens, mold, pollutants and ultrafine dust. Plus, they’re lighter than a sheet of paper.

We took our first one on a spin to the grocery store and love the way the mask fits our face, allowing extra breathability because the front isn’t resting against our mouths. We can wear lipstick underneath again!

Watch the video on Nano Air’s homepage to see how the PURE-MSK compares to other common masks and you’ll be convinced. Plus, right now, they’re having a 10% off sale to make these daily essentials a little more affordable.

$45 (10-pack)
Free shipping with the purchase of 3 or more packs

Drinking Mask from go-go Amy

Of course, we still like our special-occasion masks. Crazy to think that venturing out to a patio for a brief meal is now something we consider extra-special, but here we are.

This line of masks from go-go Amy over on Etsy are functional and a fun conversation starter. You may know go-go-Amy as a sideshow, burlesque and vaudeville performer from her many stints at the Kessler Theater with the Pretty Things Vaudeville Show, which she founded. So you know this is someone with a sense of style—and humor.

These handmade cotton/spandex masks have a magnetic flap that snaps into place over a hole that allows you to drink through a straw without removing your mask. (Sorry, the hole’s not big enough for any other extracurricular activities.)

Enjoying some Adult Capri Sun cocktails on the patio at Red Stix Asian Street Food

We especially love that you can get them in festive, show-your-Pride rainbow options (with matching underwear if you wish). She also makes a bunch of shimmery, glittery sequins masks for those formal, black-tie happy hours in your future.

Best of all, purchasing these supports an artist directly, so we find that as important as protecting those around us when we’re out and ready to suck—on a cocktail.

Drinking Mask from go-go Amy
$25 ($18 for non-drinking version)