Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

And Now For The Talent Portion Of The Pandemic…

You’d have to pay us a lot of money to sit through a beauty pageant. Even more if it’s a double feature with any Real Housewives franchise.

But ask us to watch a fake beauty pageant featuring men in drag and we’ll happily do the paying.

That’s exactly what we hope everyone reading this will do starting this Friday as Uptown Players presents a streaming version of its 2014 production of Pageant—one of our favorite off-Broadway musicals ever.

The cast features Walter Lee as Miss Texas, Ashton Shawver as Miss Bible Belt, Peter DiCesare as Miss Deep South, Drew Kelly as Miss West Coast, Micah Greene as Miss Great Plains, and Sergio Antonio Garcia as Miss Industrial Northeast. Hosting the pageant is B.J. Cleveland as Frankie Cavalier.

It’s a great (small) way to help Uptown Players out during this unprecedented time for arts organizations, so consider making a donation, too, if you love the show as much as we think you will. The cost to stream for a single user is $20 and only $30 for multiple viewers watching on the same device at the same time.

Ladies, gentlemen, and every identity in between, the winner of Miss Pandemic Bargain Entertainment At Large is…Uptown Players!

Streaming on Vimeo
September 25 to October 4
Tickets: $20 (individual viewer); $30 (group viewing)
Click on the ticket page for complete details on how the video will be delivered, when you can view it and how often (spoiler: only once!)

Photos courtesy of Uptown Players