Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Got The Munchies, Dude?

We definitely have a stoner mentality when it comes to food. Especially ever since lockdowns went into effect, we’ve had the munchies more than ever.

Luckily, there’s a new sandwich shop that caters specifically to cravings of the ganga-induced type. Say hello to Cheba Hut, a Tempe, Arizona import that makes it well worth finding parking in Deep Ellum for its toasted subs.

Forget the white and wheat. Garlic herb is where it’s at!

We can’t think of the last time (if ever) we’ve been this excited about a sub sandwich, but after sampling a couple of the options this week we’re downright giddy. Subs come in your choice of a 4″ nug, an 8″ pinner or a 12″ blunt. Based on our personal experience, eight inches is ideal for nearly any life scenario.

During our visit, we tried the Kali Mist (a turkey-centric club sandwich) and one of two Dallas-specific offerings called the Guillotine. This decadent sandwich feature garlic butter-drenched grilled chicken, ham, prosciutto, Swiss, dijonaise, spring greens and tomatoes. (The other is the Narc Cuban, which is pretty much like any traditional Cuban sandwich with a Texas twist—BBQ sauce.)

Try one of everything if you’re really hungry

All the subs have marijuana-themed monikers, from the Kush and Chronic to the White Widow and Magic Mushroom. Of course, you can always create your own from a variety of fillings, including both meaty and vegetarian options.

There’s also a full bar with drinks such as the Cheba Rita and Bloody Mary Jane to give you a legal buzz that pairs well with anything on the menu. Non-sandwich options include nachos made with Nacho Cheese Doritos, pretzel nugs, plus brownies, cookies and cereal bars for dessert.

Naturally, the Cheba Hut mascot’s a stoner, too.

Order online for takeout or delivery, or pop over in person if you’re comfortable dining indoors.

We recommend ordering for takeout and eating in front of the TV with some of the best dinner companions ever: Harold, Kumar, Cheech and Chong. (Or maybe find an old Bill Clinton speech if you’re not the type to inhale.)

Cheba Hut Toasted Subs
Now open in Deep Ellum
2808 Main Street, Dallas

Food photos courtesy of Cheba Hut