Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Clutch Your Pearls (& Watch With The Lights On)

Even though we can watch horror movies and TV shows 365/24/7, there’s still something about October that especially makes us want to feel the creepy-crawlies.

Perhaps it’s the chill in the air that makes it easier to hide under a blanket. Or maybe it’s the fact that we simply feel better about our current situation in the world when we see other people terrified out of their minds.

Well, last week Hulu debuted a new anthology series called Monsterland that falls into the unsettling territory of The Twilight Zone more than a jump-out-of-your-skin screamfest. But that doesn’t make it any less scary. And to be clear, there are some actual otherworldly creatures who pop in for a little mayhem, too.

In many ways, the focus on the evil within everyday people is 10 times more troubling than Freddy Kruger making puns before a murder.

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Photo courtesy of Hulu