Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Infantile, Infectious & Infuriation.

It’s been a rough week.  And that is NOT debatable.

Infantile.  I know it’s been a while since the fiasco, but I need to comment on that first Presidential debate…….which was anything BUT Presidential.  Bless their hearts.  I have a word-a-day calendar and, coincidentally, the word for the day that day was “petulance.”  The Lord moves in mysterious ways, Brothers and Sisters.  Donnie was the personification of that word.  I will admit that there have been times when I give up trying to debate someone I think is wrong (like a Catholic), and I stick my fingers in my ears and start singing BLESSED ASSURANCE.  But I’m also not running for leader of the free world!  When Brother Joe uttered the words, “Will you shut up, man?”, I was expecting Donnie to say “No, YOU shut up!”  What a proud moment for America.

Infectious.  Be not dismayed, Brethren.  It looked like we would be spared any further debate fiascos when Brother Trump got the crayolavirus.  Lo, he would be laid up in a hospital unable to appear for weeks.  It was as if Sister Ginsburg had already arrived at the Heavenly Supreme Court and issued an opinion.  But again, the Lord moves in mysterious ways.  While scores of those around the Donald were also stricken, our esteemed leader felt no need to stay in isolation and has bounded back to the West Wing for all to see him and his belabored breathing.  Many are crying victory on his behalf while others are just crying.  We need to pray.  First for those around our President who are being put in harm’s way because of an enormous ego.  Then, should you still be prayerful, offer words for the Infector-in-Chief.  WHAT you pray is clearly a personal decision of faith.

Infuriation.  We have a saying here in my home State of Texas……”when a Texas woman says ‘Aw H*ll no!’, it’s already too late.”  I would offer that the same can be said for any of our Black Sisters, regardless of their State of residence.  For instance, Sister Michelle Obama has just figuratively pulled off her earrings and thrown down some infuriation at a certain infectious leader in Washington.  Using words like “patently false”, morally wrong”, “failure” and “racist”, Sister MO is letting us have it.  In so doing, she is exhorting the hearers of her message to vote as if one’s life depends on it.  I’m gathering she is NOT on the stump for Trump.  Hear ye then her cry.  While biding time between now and election day, consider making it Biden time in every way.  Let us pray.