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This Is A Job For SUPPERman!

Not all takeout food is created equal. That’s a lesson we’ve all learned since March, but restaurants are getting better at it. And some are even building menus specifically designed to be enjoyed (and easily reheated) at home.

Take the brand new SUPPER menu launched on September 30 at Hatchways Café in Victory Park, one of beloved restaurateur Tristan Simon‘s concepts. The new dinnertime offerings were created by chef Keith Cedotal from scratch to offer healthy, family-size meals, including appetizers and desserts for pickup and delivery.

Starters include edamame hummus, seven-layer dip, Mexican shrimp cocktail and jerk chicken wings. Entrées you can enjoy at home range from enchilada casserole and Thai steak quesadillas to turkey meatballs over penne and kabobs with couscous. Each of those options can be ordered as vegan/vegetarian versions.

Cluck, yeah! This is one beautiful bird.

And then there’s the roasted chicken (available as a vegan option, but that’s simply a box with a roasted lemon and some parsley in it). The beautiful, crispy-skinned, melt-in-your-mouth slow-roasted half chicken (pictured above) is worth stopping everything to order for dinner tonight.

We’ll be back for that one dish specifically.

Create a memorable, well-rounded dinner by adding on a variety of salads and side dishes, too, including charred broccolini, roasted mac and cheese, and incredible Parker house rolls topped with sea salt and served with whipped butter.

To truly put the concept to the test, we picked up two meals on one night and reheated the second one (turkey meatballs with penne) a couple days later. It came out perfect, if not better than it would’ve been the first night because the flavors all had extra time to mingle during their frosty vacation on the top shelf of our fridge.

Hatchways Café has mastered the art of takeout with its SUPPER menu and we’re excited to once again have something to look forward to in the evenings.

Well, in addition to our Liter of Wine For One Happy Hour every day at 5:30.

Hatchways Café SUPPER Menu
Available now for pickup or delivery