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We want to be more like the Kooper family. They pivoted long before pivoting was the cool thing to do, embarking on a whole new adventure when they could’ve just as easily played it safe.

In 2012, Troy and Michelle Kooper exited the corporate world and started their own whiskey blending house in La Grange, Texas. Eight years, later, they’re at the top of their game, creating delectable whiskey blends like a pair of tipsy mad scientists.

The family that blends together…

They import unaged whiskies from Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Illinois, then make them exponentially better by aging them in different style barrels to bring out different tasting notes, colors and aromas unique to the specific ways in which they age them. This video explains the process further:

They sent us two bottles to try and our original plan was to create Old Fashioneds for enjoying while we cuddled up alternating between episodes of The Haunting of Bly Manor, the new season of Fargo and our earliest pandemic obsession, Kath & Kim. But whenever we try a spirit for the first time, we always start out straight (for once in our lives), then transition to on-the-rocks so we can taste the flavors in their purest forms and allow each one to open up in the glass.

Meet the Koopers’ latest children.

Well, we’ve yet to make a single Old Fashioned with any of the Kooper Family whiskies because we’re enjoying them on their own so much. The flavors in the Kooper Family Barrel Reserve Rye bring together spice, a light sweetness and notes of caramel for a complex “cocktail” without having to actually, well, make a cocktail.

Besides, there’s something so beautifully autumnal about sipping on a dark spirit when there’s a chill in the evening air and a fire crackling nearby. Makes us feel so much fancier than every other night of the year when we’re squeezing the last drops of boxed wine out of the inner bag while Kylie Minogue crackles nearby.

Now you can be fancy like us. Find Kooper Family whiskies at a variety of liquor stores around Dallas and create your own drunken memories of Fall 2020. We promise every sip will be better than anything else happening in the world right now.

Kooper Family Whiskey Company

Photos courtesy of Kooper Family Whiskey Company