Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Grip. Tip. Sip. Yippee!

Ask any of our neighbors and they’ll confirm our commitment to the environment. At least thrice per week they hear the lovely sound of us dumping our empty wine bottles and boozy seltzer cans into the recycling bin. Music to everyone’s ears!

Not only is it clear we care about Mamacita Tierra, we also love our booze. (And apparently, we’re bilingual, too!)

So when we discovered the wonderful EcoVessel drinkware line includes options specifically designed for beer, wine and cocktails, we were thrilled. Ever since they sent us our own Vessel mug, we’ve used it every day. Sometimes for coffee, sometimes for beer (usually beer). And sometimes beer in the morning—hey, this working from home thing is the wild, wild west.

Of course, EcoVessel has a vast lineup of ready-to-hydrate sports bottles with options that can keep cold drinks cold up to 60 hours and hot drinks up to 12, as well as the beer and wine models that work chilled for 40 hours and four, respectively. (As if we’ve ever had a glass of wine last for more than 40 seconds, let alone hours).

They even have a line of stainless steel food storage options with silicon lids, further helping eliminate single-use (and other) plastic from your household, as well as an Artist Series featuring really colorful options.

Orders over $49 ship free and EcoVessel donates 5% of revenue to nonprofit organizations.

So you do good when you order, they do good after you order, and we get to enjoy our ice-cold Sauvignon Blanc while walking our dogs.


Eco Vessel

Photo courtesy of Eco Vessel