Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Vanish. Video. Vexing.

Miracles are still happening all around us.

Vanish.  I am consistently amazed at the miraculous powers that our esteemed President has been given. He has been prophesying that the Crayola virus would vanish. While his timeline on this action has been iffy at best, his certainty of such vanishing is resolute. The Lord and I have been in fervent conversation in recent days as this beloved country approaches an election day. The Lord has revealed to me that there will be a vanishing indeed. He did not mention if it was the same which Brother Donald has been prophesying.  Nonetheless…………

Video.  In these high tech times, it has been inevitable that human error would rear its ugly head. While I have enjoyed numerous Bible Study and Sunday School lessons via the wonders of a zoom call, I have been alert to the fact that I must still be presentable and wear a good hat when participating. I am still learning the ends and outs of making sure my microphone is appropriately on or off as well as maintaining appropriate video connection. These are things in which I believe Brother Jeffrey Toobin of the New Yorker magazine needs my guidance. When one turns off ones camera so that one may do something personal and unseen, one must ensure the proper operation of said video action. Unfortunately, Brother Tobin did not maintain such accuracy and unfortunately exposed his shortcomings to his colleagues, resulting in suspension of his employment.  The action has, however, confirmed Brother Toobin’s Judaism.  Amen.

Vexing.  I keep hearing rumblings about an organization called QAnon and how they are vexing today’s political world. It’s a shame that this unique letter in our alphabet has been hijacked by the sodomite community, but if these people need a 12 step Group to deal with their sin, I don’t see what the problem really is.  Hallelujah.