Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tuck The Vote

In about 24 hours, give or take, we’re going to need some major comic relief to get us through what we hope is the Final Shitshow of 2020: The Presidential Election.

In 2016, we had a beautiful bottle of champagne chilling to toast to America’s first woman President, but we all know how that went. So this year, we’re prepping with the same bottle of champagne (we’ve been saving it), along with a box of rat poison and a one-way ticket to Mexico. We will be using one of the three for sure.

But before we know which we’ll need, we’ll be turning to the comedic drag stylings of Marsha Dimes. She’ll be over on YouTube hosting her own election coverage show.

Marsha will be joined by several special guests from all over the United States to weigh in as results are tallied, with plenty of entertainment in between.

Best of all, in addition to watching her drink herself silly sillier, she’ll be raising money to support the Victory Fund and its mission to increase the number of openly LGBTQ elected officials at all levels of government.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (or maybe you won’t, fingers crossed), but at least you’ll have some distractions from the 24-hour news channels for a bit.

And if things don’t go the way you hope, perhaps now’s the time to start preparing your Marsha 2024 campaign posters, t-shirts and branded duct tape. We’re sure she has zero scandals in her past.

Marsha Dimes Election 2020 Coverage
Live Tuesday, November 3
6:45 p.m.