Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

This Story Has NOTHING To Do With The Election

Today is one of the most important days of the year—it’s National Sandwich Day!

But we like to think inside the box when we think outside it. That’s why instead of going to a traditional sandwich place, we’re ordering a Reuben in pie form from ZaLat Pizza today. They just launched the special-edition saucy circle of deliciousness yesterday, but we got to sample it a few days early and Wowie Zowie!

We love Reubens (both the men and sandwiches), but this one’s even better because it brings our love of pizza to the party.

Hey, Reuben! Wanna come over?

Each 14″ pie comes slathered with Thousand Island sauce, then gets topped with loads of corned beef, housemade sauerkraut, mozzarella and Swiss cheeses with a sprinkling of fresh chives for good measure. It even comes with an extra side of sauerkraut if you like to make that pucker face.

And there could be a lot of puckered pusses around town tonight, that’s for sure.

Order directly from ZaLat Pizza for pickup at one of their many locations and the Reuben will be $16.99, or have it delivered through a third-party app for $19.50.

Happy Sandwich Day to all, and to all a good night!

Limited Edition Reuben Pizza
$16.99 (pickup); $19.50 (delivery)
Available now through Sunday, December 13

Photo courtesy of ZaLat Pizza