Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Going Downhill Fast?

This might be the most perfect ski season in history for anyone who enjoys hitting the slopes (or only taking part in the grand tradition of aprés ski if you’re like us).

Skiing is the ultimate social distancing sport, it requires gloves, and a face mask will only keep you that much warmer.

And speaking of regulating your body temperature, you’re going to need the latest in winter sports apparel to keep your all your bits from getting frostbite. But unlike typical years, you won’t have to break the bank to be in high style on the black diamonds.

Enter Slope Threads to save the day.

Complete adult ski outfits can be rented for $45 per day (including pants, jacket, goggles and gloves) with additional rental and purchase options for accessories. Simply browse through their collections, select the number of days you’ll be skiing (minimum two) and your order will be shipped in time to pack your bags and head for the hills.

Spending hundreds of dollars on a ski outfit you may only use a couple of days is now a thing of the past thanks to Slope Threads. If you’re headed to a gay ski week next year (or whenever you feel safe traveling again), then this news should be truly welcome—saving you loads of cash to spend at the bar instead.

Now let’s just hope for lots and lots of snow.

Slope Threads
Adult outfit rentals from $45 per day
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