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Ask Santa For Santo

One of the biggest benefits of staying at home the past eight months has been our booze budget. Sure, we’re probably drinking a little more than usual, but because we’re not going out to drink, we can make $50 stretch over the course of days rather than a single round of drinks for us and a couple friends.

With that in mind, we’re experimenting more and more with high-end brands because we feel like we’re still saving money in the long run. So when Guy Fieri and Sammy Haggar offered us two bottles of their Santo Spirits, how could we say no?

The dynamic duo from another dynamic duo.

Of the two agave-based spirits they currently offer, Santo Tequila Blanco is their newest. It’s one of the smoothest tequilas we’ve tasted and ideal for sipping slowly after shaking over ice to give it a nice chill. All you need is a wedge of lime and you’re set. Or shake it with a splash of Cointreau and fresh lime juice for a perfect—and perfectly simple—margarita on the rocks.

The biggest surprise for us, however, came from the Santo Mezquila. We’re not huge fans of Mezcal in general because we find them too often like licking an ashtray (or a guy who enjoys his Marlboros) because of the smoky flavors.

This spirit blends together two types of agave for a mezcal-tequila hybrid that’s light on the smokiness and big on flavor. It’s still a teensy bit too smoky for us to enjoy on its own as a sipper, but we made a simple cocktail with fresh pineapple juice and a squeeze of lime and it was fantastic.

‘Tis the season to stock the bar, even if you won’t be entertaining large groups this year. Treat yourself with one or both of these and you’ll be in the holiday spirit in no time.

Santo Tequila Blanco, $47.99
Santo Mezquila, $69.99

Free shipping & gift with 2 or more bottles