Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Give, Give, Give This Year

We’ve learned many things about ourselves since sheltering in place began in March. And most of them show how much of our lives were dictated by wants instead of needs.

For instance, we haven’t had a haircut in eight months (mostly because it’s fun to see what happens with our ever-lengthening rat’s nest, but also because we’re limiting our interactions with other people). We also have been able to successfully cut out the gym, reduce our dining out budget and give our dogs their own baths.

It’s like living on the prairie in 1902!

The entire point of this is to say, almost everyone reading this probably has things pretty good. So instead of showering family and friends with gifts they don’t really need, let’s become a collective force for kindness and help those who truly deserve a little happiness in their lives this year.

Prism Health North Texas has kicked off its annual food, toy and warmth drive for Dallas-Fort Worth families affected by HIV and AIDS, in dire need of these holiday essentials. They’re currently accepting these items at the Community & Client Services Center at 351 West Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 300. You can also contact them to make a monetary donation that specifically supports this effort.

To make things even easier, you can purchase items directly from their Amazon wish lists for toys and warm clothing. A full list of items in all categories can be found on the Prism Health North Texas website.

Together, we can make sure that 2020 ends on a high note for thousands of people in our community. And you’ll end up feeling way less Scroogy in the process.

Holiday Food, Toy & Warmth Drive
Now through December 16