Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

O Holy Night

It’s been quite the busy few days of virtual holiday specials starring men in wigs.

So it seems only fitting to close out the week with a new show from our very own on-staff spiritual adviser, Sister Helen Holy, who sometimes appears in public as Paul J. Williams.

To spread her special brand of holiday cheer judgment, she’s bringing her 701 Club from the digital pages of He Said Dallas onto a real stage for your virtual enjoyment. (Now that’s a sentence we could only get away with in 2020!)

Uptown Players decked the halls in style and booked a long list of special guests to film Helen Holy’s Holiday Streaming Spectacular. The hour-long show includes interviews, comedy and singing galore—all with special safety measures in place to protect each and every performer.

It’ll definitely put you in a super-festive mood. The manger scene in the middle of the show still gives us the giggles thinking about it now.

The whole production’s filled with laughs, nostalgia, and just the right amount of Snark! The Herald Angels Sing.

So book your ticket and go online for virtual auction items to support Uptown Players when they need our help more than ever. You can even tithe additional money, which will be matched up to $10,000 by an anonymous donor.

You can also do some gift shopping while you’re on the theater company’s site, whether it’s an Uptown Players face mask, a 2021 calendar or a ticket to their next virtual production, Application Pending, streaming at the end of January.

Helen Holy will be praying for you to do the right thing—at least that’s what she claims to be doing when she’s down on her knees.

Helen Holy’s Holiday Streaming Spectacular
Streaming today through December 20
Tickets: $20 (individual); $30 (household)

Photo courtesy of Uptown Players