Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Loeffler. Lobbing. Lullaby.

Tis the Christmas season and I am bringing gifts of ministry.

Loeffler.  One of the women in my Sunday School class called me on Sunday evening to suggest that I turn on the TV to catch a bit of the debate between two of the Georgia candidates for U.S. Senator.  I am somewhat familiar with Brother Raphael Warnock due to his work in the church.  However, I had never heard the words of Sister Loeffler.  I must say, scientists are certainly advancing in their work with artificial intelligence.  She seemed almost lifelike.  Almost.

Lobbing.  In some joyous news, Sister Melania Trump announced the completion of the new White House Tennis Pavilion.  One may wonder why this is news, or why it’s joyous.  Brothers and Sisters, as a Babatist and woman of scripture, I have been given a gift of interpretation.  This news is prophetic and cryptic.  The underlying truth is that a racket will be raised and there is going to be continued lobbing back and forth over the results of the elections. Moreover, as far as Melania is concerned, this will be the only time there will be true courting in her house and that love truly means nothing.  Amen?

Lullaby.  Finally, there’s this headline.  “53-year-old mom and 31-year-old daughter give birth weeks apart to sisters.”  I’m sure there is some miraculous fertility story here, but I can’t get past the wording.  I don’t know where this happened, but I highly suggest that we paddle this canoe a little faster.  There are banjos playing a lullaby in the distance.