Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

FLOTUS. Finals. Famous

On your knees, heathens.

FLOTUS.  As a woman in ministry with a definitive honorific before my name, I am aghast at a recent WALL STREET JOURNAL opinion piece suggesting that incoming FLOTUS, Dr. Jill Biden, drop the “Dr.” from her name.  After all, she’s not a medical doctor, as the opinion stated.  I’d like to point out that the author, MISTER Jeffrey Epstein is a former lecturer at Northwestern University.  Former.  Guess he didn’t have the extra degree to give him tenure.  Like perhaps a doctorate?  Listen, let Sister Jill be honored for the work she has done to educate herself regardless of the type of doctorate.  Even though I am neither a Catholic or a nun, I am still SISTER Helen Holy, signifying my achievement as a woman of the Lord.  We use the title in the Babatist Church too!

Finals.  College students everywhere are having their Fall semester finals.  Although school has been primarily online, education marches forward.  The students at Electoral College met for their exams this Monday.  I’m unclear on what they study, but it is related to our government.  After their tests, the grades were tabulated and marks were so high, a greater level of wisdom in government was deemed necessary.  Therefore, Brother Trump has been declared a failing student once and for all, and Brother Biden and Sister Harris are stepping to the head of the class.  Amen?

Famous.  The Crayolavirus has taken yet another famous soul from this mortal coil.  Brother Charley Pride succumbed to the COVID last week.  Such a loss for wholesome country music and the residents of my hometown of Dallas.  Although he started off as a baseball player, the Lord saw fit for his vocal talents to be exalted.  Over the years, Brother Charley brought the world countless country and western hits, laying to rest the thought that the country music world was a bunch of white trash singers.  He was one of only three Black singers to be members of the Grand Ole Opry.  (What a proud moment……….)  It is my prayer that, as Brother Pride went to sleep on earth and awoke to enter the pearly gates, he kissed an angel good morning.  Let us pray.