Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Everyone Will Be Watching

In a year hijacked by the Grinch himself, we know we can turn to Marsha Dimes to lift our spirits even higher than her tittays.

She’s been doing fundraising all year like a good girl, but A Marsha Dimes Christmas Special will be the do-gooding-est virtual shindig of them all.

Featuring a gaggle of special guests, including DeManda Refund, Ginni Beefeater, Aunt Marge, Thai Mai Shu, Bea Dazzle, Betty SiSonnet, Ivanna SiSonnet, Lisa Condo, Erika Odessa Dior, Stormy Weather and Nippy Peak, Sunday’s show will be one amazing yuletide extravaganza.

Donate a minimum of $10 to gain access to the show on YouTube, followed by a Zoom afterparty. You have to donate to get the links for both, so don’t delay in whipping out your credit card.

Best of all, proceeds from the star-studded event benefit the Turtle Creek Chorale, which like all arts organizations, has had a really tough year.

And if anyone can raise at least $20 to help them out, it’s Marsha.

A Marsha Dimes Christmas Special
Donate $10 minimum for viewing link
Sunday, December 20
8:00 p.m.