Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Upgrade Your Sleigh

Need a last-minute gift idea that will really make up for a super-naughty year?

Or maybe you want to treat yourself because the promise of a $600 stimulus check is already burning a hole in your pocket?

Sure, you could invest that windfall on 30 Richard Simmons Chia Pets, 47 boxes of Franzia White Zinfandel or 465 McChicken sandwiches (we’re still narrowing down our own wishlist), but wouldn’t you rather apply it to a car payment?

After all, who wouldn’t want a brand-new Cadillac to end 2020 on a high note.

We grew up in a Cadillac family, so we’ve always had a soft spot for the brand our dad loved so much. But because it was the brand we were chauffeured around in during our formative years, we always associated Cadillacs with, well, old people.

But now that we have a 2021 Cadillac XT4 sitting in our driveway, we can unequivocally proclaim that in recent years the brand has definitely crossed over (and not just the actual crossovers). Today’s Cadillacs are vehicles that appeal to luxury lovers of any age.

But before you get too jealous of our sporty little SUV, you should be aware that (sadly) it’s only ours for one week.

A few days ago, we were sent an XT4 to drive around Dallas-Fort Worth to enjoy the holiday lights, then give our feedback on the car. All the Christmas displays were amazing, but we honestly were more impressed with the twinkling lights on the dashboard—and everywhere on the sportly little SUV for that matter.

We’ve probably driven around town more this single week than we have combined since March because this car makes it actually fun to drive again.

As we drove around White Rock Lake on the first night we had the XT4, we were amazed at the high-tech features we kept discovering. Like the 258 lb-ft of torque! (Actually, we have zero clue why that even matters).

What genuinely wowed us were the rear camera mirror that can toggle between an actual mirror and a rearview video display, the safety alert seat that vibrates when there’s a potential hazard, and all sorts of alerts if a person or other obstacle shows up unexpectedly in nearly any direction.

Of course, if we talk too much about the safety features we risk sounding like the “old” people we complained about earlier. We’re really more interested in luxury and convenience in all aspects of our life, anyway, so this Cadillac had us more than covered there.

OnStar services include a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, plus there’s Sirius XM, CarPlay for Apple, Alexa, a heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated seats, wireless phone charging and get this—massage control front seats. Turn SiriusXM to the Spa station and you’re in for the most relaxing drive ever!

Which makes this the perfect vehicle for road trips—especially because that’s still going to be our main mode of vacationing for the foreseeable future.

The premium luxury model starts at $39,795, but you could have it for as little as $279 per month for 36 months with good credit and a down payment of $3,549. (The model we have with all the bells and whistles clocks in at $51,435.)

We only have a couple more days with this Cadillac XT4 (if they can pry us out of those massage seats, that is), but we’ll be dreaming about it for a long, long time.

2021 Cadillac XT4
From $39,795
$279 per month lease with $3,549 down payment