Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

So Sexy It’s Scary

There’s no surer way to prevent images of sugarplums, Santa and snowmen from dancing around in your head than by going full Halloween.

In the middle of January.

For anyone missing out on scantily-clad acrobats and clowns performing death-defying stunts inside a massive tent, Cirque Italia‘s creepy show, Paranormal Cirque, comes to Town East Mall in Mesquite. (That’s scary enough for us right there!)

The show’s geared toward an 18-and-over crowd, though children aged 13-17 may attend with a parent or guardian. So expect plenty of adult imagery and well-choreographed inappropriateness.

We’ve never heard of Cirque Italia before this tour, so we have no idea whether it’s going to be a hot night of entertainment, or simply a hot mess.

But with tickets starting at only $20 for adults, it’s worth the risk. And speaking of risk, Covid-19 safety measures will be in place so now’s the time to find a creepy face mask on Amazon to wear during the show.

Because this is one time when we don’t want the sexy gymnasts getting their droplets all over us.

Paranormal Cirque
Tickets: $20-50 (18+)
January 21-24
Town East Mall
2063 Town East Mall, Mesquite

Photo credit: Cirque Italia