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A Perfect Match

Like Seduction sang back in 1989, it takes two to make a thing go right.

And with Far East Pizza Co., that goes for the partnership between chef Nidhi Mittal (above right) and chef Troy Gardner (above left), as well as the surprisingly harmonious blend of Indian and Italian flavors.

And the story of how it came to be makes it that much better.

Mittal and her husband opened a small deli inside a Richardson office building after moving from India to the United States a few short years ago. But once the pandemic hit, lockdown orders were put in place and people started working from home, business evaporated. Like most restaurateurs, they had to scramble to find a new way to generate revenue.

After reaching out to Gardner, Mittal collaborated with the vegan chef extraordinaire to come up with a concept that would merge two popular cuisines. And it’s truly amazing.

We tried Far East Pizza on two different occasions over the holidays and couldn’t wait to share the news the first chance we had in 2021.

Over the course of our two meals, we stuffed our faces with a flatbread pizza that was half chicken tikka and half sausage and pepperoni, both made with Halal beef—perfect for pork avoiders. Vegetarians have numerous options, too. The next time, we tried pizza on fluffy naan with butter chicken on one half and kofta (Indian falafel) on the other.

It’s hard to decide which crust we liked more, but the naan pizza won us over for that extra touch of Indian authenticity.

Sandwiches come loaded with fresh ingredients on the same pillowy naan (try the “Ultimate Delhi Sandwich” with turkey and beef pepperoni). The handhelds come served with housemade plantain chips, which we’ve never associated with Asian cuisine, but they’re incredible nonetheless.

On the pasta front, we sampled a chicken tikka rigatoni one night and Pasta Primadonna (loaded with veggies) the next.

During both dinners, we were way too full to enjoy the Kashmir creamy rice custards (one with brownie chunks, one without), but one spoonful and we were amazed how the use of saffron in a slightly sweet dessert could be so delicious and unexpected.

So if you want to experience some fantastic Italian/Indian fusion food, hop in your car and head in whatever direction takes you to Far East Pizza. They only have pickup and local delivery, so unless you live in Richardson, you’ll want to visit in person to support this small business.

The only downside, you might never want Italian fare again without an Indian twist.

But at least you know where to get your fix.

Far East Pizza
1500 North Greenville Avenue #110, Richardson

Photos courtesy of Far East Pizza