Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Give Peace A Swig

We started our Dry January journey on the 4th. And, as you can imagine, by January 6 we went through half a bottle of Tito’s while fixated on the news unfolding in Washington, DC.

When the dust settled a bit on Thursday, however, we decided to open up a box of hemp-extract products we were sent from AMMA Healing. Founded by an Austin-based couple, Danielle Sunberg and Ted Moskovitz, their new Elevate line makes for a really fantastic alcohol alternative.

The accompanying instructions say to add two full droppers of elixir into your favorite non-alcoholic beverage. Within 10 to 30 minutes, the calming, mood-enhancing effects should be apparent.

A couple drops (or sprays) will do you right

We added the mint-flavored elixir to a little sparkling water to see how it tasted au natural. It was wonderfully refreshing and something we’d love to try in a tall glass of lemonade or decaf iced tea.

Soon after we finished our drink, we got sidetracked by work and completely forgot about the AMMA Healing Elevate research task at hand. Then it came time to make lunch and our partner, working from home since March, walked into the kitchen to find out why we were so happy. (Admittedly, we were singing and dancing while griddling up some Cuban sandwiches.)

We shrugged it off before remembering that we’d taken those drops of elixir about an hour earlier. Because we’d forgotten completely about it, we feel like that’s a pretty good indicator that the stuff really works.

The happy co-founders enjoying a Quarantini made with Elevate elixir

And for it to work on us, that’s pretty incredible because we always thought we needed full-strength THC or a stiff martini to make us feel so euphoric. It only gets better the more you use it, too.

What makes this particular AMMA Healing product extra great is that it’s calorie-free and works so quickly. Even if you’re not up for a full dry January or lifetime of sobriety, we think taking a few days, weeks or months off from booze and substituting it with Elevate will do wonders for detoxing the ol’ liver.

Plus, they have a full lineup of elixirs, soft gels, salves and oils to help you sleep, help your sore muscles recover and, of course, help lift your spirits.

Try one of their starter kits or choose the AMMA product you think will work best for you. You can even get a free 5-day supply.

If your experience is like ours, we think you’re going to love it. And at the very least, you’ll save a bunch on your monthly liquor bill.

And have way fewer apologies to send out the next morning.

AMMA Healing Elixirs
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Photos courtesy of AMMA Healing