Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

You’re A Star, Baby

Cue the sad ballad music.

And for once, without any irony whatsoever. We’re truly in a devastating period for Broadway and the thousands of people who make the industry sing.

With the lights dimmed in theaters throughout New York until at least June, the pandemic-related shutdown will forever change the Great White Way. Throughout 2020, however, Broadway movers and shakers figured out new ways to give us theatrical experiences at home to help support those struggling after losing their livelihoods.

Well, now there’s another way to help support Broadway casts and crews while simultaneously tapping into your own talent reserves.

Give a standing ovation for Broadway Access Pro, a Masterclass-style subscription that brings professional actors, composers, writers, dancers, designers, directors and producers right into your home.

Featuring 15-minute to two-hour classes ranging from how to audition to composing your very own musical, your inner superstar will be dormant no longer.

But don’t stop reading if you have no interest in being in the spotlight or behind-the-scenes. You can “cook with Broadway flair” alongside some of Broadway’s best and brightest and take fitness classes from arguably some of the most athletic people on the planet.

Right now, you can get a 7-day free trial to see if Broadway On Demand’s Broadway Access Pro is a good fit for you. Then subscribe before the end of January for only $49.50 for a full year.

You’ll get access to 250 episodes featuring more than 100 Broadway stars, totally more than 75 hours of content (that’s just 66ยข an hour!). You’ll also get discounts on pay-per-view events and other perks with your membership.

Remember, the main goal here is to support the Broadway industry and it’ll cost you less than a back-row balcony seat at an Off-Off-Off-Broadway production.

If you end up becoming the next Patti LuPone in the process, we’ll gladly let you yell at us from the stage.

Broadway Access Pro
7-day free trial
$49.50 per year for new members who enroll by January 31