Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

He’s Got Personality (44 Of Them!)

It has now officially been more than a year since we’ve flirted with anyone at the Kalita Humphreys Theater lobby. Now that’s plain sad.

But even though January 2020 was the last time we saw an Uptown Players show in person, another one of their fun-filled streaming productions debuts this weekend. So, pop some corn, crank the volume on your TV or device and settle into the best seat in your house.

The latest production to beam from Uptown Players headquarters to outer space and back into your living room is Application Pending, a show with a massive cast of characters—44 to be exact.

All played by B.J. Cleveland.

Yep, you read that correctly. One of Uptown Players’ most beloved superstars adds a few more personalities to his résumé in the award-winning hit play by Greg Edwards and Andy Sandberg.

When scandal hits the hoity-toity Edgely Prep in Manhattan, Chris Evans (Cleveland) unexpectedly lands the job of Head of Admissions and subsequently deals with a vast array of students, parents and administrators, each with their own agenda.

The result is a hilarious avalanche of drama set in the ruthless world of private school kindergarten.

Without ever changing his costume, Cleveland tackles the dozens of roles with lightning transitions between characters that will leave your head spinning.

And your sides splitting.

Application Pending
By Greg Edwards and Andy Sandberg
Starring B.J. Cleveland
Directed by Linda Leonard
Streaming January 29 – Feb 7
Tickets: $20 (single viewer) to $30 (multiple viewers)
Stream good for 48 hours after activating link