Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lies, Lust & Last

Perversity is all around us in varying forms.

Lies.  I am quite dismayed at so many stories coming out in the news about apparent perverse lies which Brother Trump was telling during his reign.  Lies about the Crayola virus.  Lies about voting irregularities.  Lies about election outcomes.  Lies about his hair.  One media source says that he lied 30573 times during his rule.  (If I had a nickel………….)  I am in such disbelief.  How could the man proclaimed by so many Christians to be sent by God and the most “faith friendly President in history” be guilty of such sinful behavior?  I at my limit.  If I find out that Sister Melania left her photographic job in order to marry Brother Don for his money, I’ll be DONE.

Lust.  Once again, a literal headline from the news has turned my stomach.  Did you see this?  STEVE HARVEY HAS HIS EYE ON DAUGHTER’S BOYFRIEND, MICHAEL B. JORDAN.  That just made me upchuck.  Brother Jordan was deemed by People Magazine to be the Sexiest Man Alive last year.  Clearly subjective and carnal.  So to make matters worse. Brother Harvey said to Brother Jordan, “”You ain’t the sexiest man in the world to me . . . Let’s be clear about that.”  This implies that Brother Harvey has someone else in mind to fit that title.  Sodomite!  This is all rather perverse, if you ask me.  Surely this behavior is going to incite a different kind of Family Feud!

Last.  I can’t tell you how many times I have shown up at an event and let myself drift into a posture of general disinterest.  Usually when a non-Babatist is speaking.  However, in all those instances, not once have I been photographed and perversely inserted into countless other pictures as some sort of grumpy Everyman.  However, my visage HAS been used to enhance biblical tableaus.  So to Brother Bernie Sanders I say this.  I draw the line when you are inserted into The Last Supper.  That story is in MY half of the Bible.  You stick to being pasted into the parting of the Red Sea.