Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pink Traveler: Cold Enough For Ya?

Some terms are so overused in media: Epic. Unique. Once-in-a-Lifetime.

Yet for once, all three of these words more than aptly describe the latest offering from VACAYA—an exotic, 10-night all-inclusive cruise to Antarctica. And because it’s a VACAYA vacation, the ship will be chartered entirely for LGBT+ passengers.

This globe-trotting excursion will forever change what you think of when you hear the words gay cruise.

The good news is that a handful of super-deluxe suites are still available. The bad news, all the lower-priced rooms were snatched up by VACAYA alumni. But if you skipped traveling all of 2020 and keep a low profile in 2021, the $21,000-per-person starting price could be very well worth this very legit once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

But if partying with penguins, sightseeing with seals and waking up to whale songs isn’t in the cards for you, or you simply prefer a cruise that’s heavier on the speedos than parkas, VACAYA has plenty to offer this year and throughout 2022.

Get your vaccine, pull out your credit card and book an all-LGBT+ vacation with both land and sea options available.

Additional VACAYA cruises on the horizon include:

Iceland, September 1-8

New Orleans, November 14-22

Caribbean, January 10-17, 2022

Won’t you take me to…Funky Ptown?

Upcoming VACAYA resort vacations:

Ptown Summer Jam, June 14-20

Mexico Resort, October 30-November 6

Costa Rica Resort, June 5-12, 2022

Make sure to sign up for VACAYA to learn of the latest vacation options as soon as they’re announced. We know we can’t wait to get back to traveling and we would love to see you on a ship or sipping mojitos on a beach.

Meanwhile, we’re going to begin reversing our lockdown weight gain and finding our swimsuit bodies again—potentially a last-in-our-lifetime experience.

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