Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

GameStop, Gay & Greene

Be ye aware of the stirrings in this land.

GameStop.  The moneychangers are being run out of the temple once again.  Those high and mighty who run hedge funds (which I always thought was a landscaping account) are losing their custom shirts at the hands of some adventurous penny-wise underlings.  Can you believe that these big money people actually make money by hoping that a company fails?  Where is THAT in scripture?  Apparently, some unhedged people saw signs that GameStop was being bet against.  Suddenly, scores of GameStop stock purchases were made which drove the price up and caused big losses among the fat cats.  Cries that the market is being upset were heard from Wall Street to Main Street.  I believe Jesus had a hand in this.  As I mentioned in my first line, it’s not His first time to upset a market.

Gay.  In a sign that Brother Biden is NOT a Babatist, he has appointed a known sodomite to his Cabinet, and said sinner has been confirmed by the Senate.  Lord, help us.  Brother Pete Buttigieg is now the Secretary of Transportation making him the first openly avowed sodomite to hold a Cabinet position.  A small town mayor who drives a Studebaker is now heading up Transportation for this great country?  This does not bode well.  I’ll just have to trust in the knowledge that leaving the efficiency of the nation’s transportation to a gay will translate into better landscaping on the freeways.

Greene.  We need to pray for our newly elected leaders in Washington.  Right now, I’d like to focus our prayers on a U.S. Representative from the gracious state of Georgia.  Sister Marjorie Taylor Greene ran on a far-right platform steeped in conspiracy theories and anti-Democrat sentiment.  According to the interwebs, “Greene is an Evangelical Christian, baptized in 2011 in an Atlanta suburb…..”  Brother and Sisters, I did not witness her dedicating her life to Christ nor her full immersion.  Therefore, her Christianity is hearsay to me.  Amazing though they are, her obtuse babblings don’t deserve to be repeated here.  Let us pray in agreement, however, that she be used as an example of all that is antithetical to the Lord’s work.  And let us pray for the newly sprouted testicles which Brother McConnell seems to have grown.  May they continue to be wielded with wisdom.