Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Victory Is His

Get ready for some ear candy.

Then fasten your seat belt because the eye candy’s even better.

Out singer, heartthrob and all-around awesome guy Davis Mallory continues to have tremendous musical success after first gaining a following for his time on MTV’s Real World.

He’s back on the world stage this week with his sophomore album, Little Victory, a deeply personal endeavor that he wrote and recorded in Stockholm, Berlin and Nashville.

It’s filled with songs that got our hips swaying right away, something that rarely happens on our first listen. You can download the album or purchase one of the limited edition CDs and support this artist at a time when we all need a little uplifting music.

We’ve included his three most recent music videos to really give you a taste.

As for us, we’ll be playing “Shirtless” on a loop. (A gay can’t live on Netflix alone!)

Little Victory, Davis Mallory
$14 (digital)-$15 (limited edition CD)

Photo credit: Wes and Alex