Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Days Of ‘Tine & Rosés

To all our suitors out there, please don’t send us flowers this year for Valentine’s Day.

Roses die, after all.

But rosés can live on for hours in the form of a delightfully giddy buzz that makes us smile, sing and dance for almost no apparent reason.

Other than we’re in love.

With people. With life. With the sound of the bell ringing at Trader Joe’s when we have an unusual request of the manager.

Created by the immensely gifted Rae Wilson (pictured above), Dandy Rosé might be one of the best rosés we’ve ever had. Truth be told, we only like about 1/3 of rosés we try.

Smooth, slightly tart and sweet (like us), and made right here in Texas from 100% Texas grapes, it’s a superb everyday wine. And priced at $20 per bottle, drinking it feels like a celebration without going rock star crazy.

The 2019 vintage makes the perfect accompaniment to nearly anything you make for Valentine’s dinner, too.

Or if you’re us, it’s the perfect Valentine’s dinner all on its own.

Because you know the old rule, if you don’t have to chew, calories don’t count.

At least that’s what we keep telling our dandy selves.

Dandy Rosé
Purchase direct or at your local wine shop