Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Love, Delivered.

Stupid Cupid.

Why do we let a flying baby dictate when we show our love?

But here we are again: Valentine’s Day arrives in less than a week and the scramble to find a meaningful gift along with it.

Thankfully, DIFFA Dallas has made it easier than ever to find a delightful gift that you and your sweetheart can enjoy together. All while helping support the tremendous work of the organization.

Order one of three different gift sets with free delivery to your doorstep this Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Each comes with a box of old-school conversation hearts, plus a variety of goodies catered to your beloved’s favorite things.

The Love Basket ($150) includes a bottle each of Peirson Meyer red and white wines, two Cinepolis Luxury Cinema movie tickets, handcrafted truffle popcorn and Niven Morgan luxury hand soap.

Surprise someone with a spa night with the Self Care Basket ($100) featuring an Inotka luxe rose quartz roller, an Opal House blue lavender double wick candle, a Mokiy gel eye mask, a Trillnaber bamboo charcoal loofah, Modlux slippers, U-Need natural facial mask sheets, a Lush lavendar bath bomb, and Love, Beauty and Planet lavendar lotion and body wash.

Or create a memorable, romantic dinner with the Pasta Lovers Basket ($100). Inside, you’ll find a stainless steel strainer, Line 39 cabernet sauvignon, Regioni d’Italia Fileja pasta, a natural olive wood serving spoon, and Italian extra virgin olive oil, sun-dried tomato stuffed olives and pasta sauce from World Market.

Supplies are limited, so order right now if you want to guarantee you have one of these special gifts in time for V-Day.

Your sweetie will thank you.

Cupid will thank you.

And so will everyone who benefits from the work of DIFFA Dallas.

DIFFA Dallas Baskets of Love
Free delivery this Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
View baskets at bidpal.net