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Dare we put it in writing, but it’s quite possible I Care A Lot is the best Netflix film we’ve ever seen.

The story follows Marla Grayson (played by the mesmerizing Rosamund Pike), a professional, court-appointed guardian for the elderly. What seems to be an act of kindness to many people (including an incredibly inept, gullible judge) in reality is a ruthless scheme to drain these seniors of their life savings and other assets.

We watched with a knot in our stomach the first 30 minutes, seeing how easily a person can be taken against their will. The uneasiness comes in part from having parents in a senior living facility as well as wondering what our future holds without children to take care of us when we’re old.

But that stressful feeling soon becomes one of excitement at the prospect of this horrible person (and her equally terrible girlfriend) getting exactly what they deserve.

When they target a wealthy retiree (Dianne Wiest) because she’s an easy target with no heirs or family, the movie quickly transitions into a suspenseful revenge thriller when a gangster (Peter Dinklage) becomes wrapped up in the drama.

By the end, we were cheering.

And looking up everything Rosalind Pike’s ever been in to see more of her work.

I Care A Lot
Premieres today

Photo courtesy of Netflix