Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ted. Taken. Taxes

Prayers are offered and answered.

Ted.  My state senator, Brother Ted Cruz, will go to any lengths to keep his name in the papers.  His recent pleasure trip to visit the Mexicans while the rest of us were suffering through a deregulated electric industry gone awry was ill-conceived at best.  And the number of times his excuses and stories changed was on the level of a Babatist explaining why they were caught in a liquor store.  Oh Teddy, I want you to know that it would bless me mightily if you would book a one-way ticket to anywhere on a Boeing 777 or 737 Max and let the Lord handle the rest.

Taken.  Rush Limbaugh has been taken from this life.  What a blessing that Larry Flynt will now have someone to push his wheelchair around Hell.

Taxes.  I have been steadfast in not speaking a word about the former President of the United States.  However, I must mention something about you-know-who.  The Supreme Court, which he so quickly flooded with his cronies, has turned around and ordered the release of his tax records.  Listen, I don’t really care what his 1099 from Burger King says, but I am relieved that things are just not going his way lately.  Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.