Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Be Be(a)st

After a year of watching theatrical productions online, we have to wonder what the adjustment will be like for people when theaters reopen to patrons.

Will it be a culture shock to not be able to talk through a play? Sing along to a musical number? Or get everyone on stage to stop everything they’re doing while you get more cocktails or take a pee break?

Hopefully, it won’t have been so long apart from the arts in person that we forget our manners, but we have definitely developed a bit of fondness for the anytime/anywhere convenience of streaming.

This week, Undermain Theatre began streaming an archived show from 2010 with gender-bending surrealism, comedy and thought-provoking ideas in The Be(a)st of Taylor Mac. The world-renowned entertainer challenges stereotypes of all sorts in a wildly enjoyable and irreverent production filled with costume changes, glitter and ukelele music.

It’s exclusive to subscribers only, which represents a win-win for both you and the theater. Starting at only $65, a season subscription gets you access to this first show of the 2021 season and the remaining productions, workshops and readings.

You’ll be helping out a local theater company when they need it most and you’ll have plenty to look forward to the rest of the year.

Sadly, not all of it with ukelele accompaniment.

The Be(a)st of Taylor Mac
Streaming through March 14
Included with minimum $65 season subscription