Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Thirstiest Of Traps

If ever we needed motivation to get ready for beach season, it’s now.

After spending a year sitting on our sofas watching hours of TV a day and keeping our gym membership on hold until we’re vaccinated, our bodies have paid the ultimate price.

But when we started browsing through photographer Michael Craft‘s new e-book, Thirst Trap, we suddenly felt motivated—among other more physiological feelings.

Filled with some of the most gorgeous men we’ve ever seen, Craft captures the male form with a flirtatious spirit that brings the fun back to nudity. Not one photo gives off a salacious vibe, as we’re getting accustomed to with some of the questionable tangents internet porn has taken lately (or so we’ve heard).

You can preview the e-book right here, then purchase the full thing to enjoy at your leisure. On full zoom if you wish.

Today’s also a great day to celebrate the work of Craft as he joins forces with fellow artist Lisa D’Amico for Lisa and Michael Save the World. The new streaming series finds the two pals laughing it up (and attempting to save the world) with art.

Who knows, they might inspire you to create your own masterpieces.

Or at least have a legitimate excuse for photographing your friends naked.

Thirst Trap by Michael Craft
Available at blurb.com

Lisa and Michael Save the World
Premieres tonight

Photo by Michael Craft