Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Condemnation, Conference & Confusion.

Lord, we beseech Thee!

Condemnation.  What a time it’s been here in Texas.  First, it was the failure of our electrical grid due in no small part to mismanagement by our Governor.  Now, our trusty Governor has decided to roll back all mask mandates and open all businesses to 100%.  This in spite of the fact that Texas is 48th in number of people vaccinated for the Crayola Virus.  Such condemnation on us.  There are those in this world who favor assisted suicide but have to move to Oregon where it’s legal.  Sing praises, Brothers and Sisters!  Move to Texas!  If you don’t die of exposure from no electricity, we can kill you off with a surge in viral infections.  Win/Win!

Conference.  As a Christian, I tend to be very attentive to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.  This year’s affair was a humdinger in Orlando last week.  However, AS a Christian, I must take issue with a few things.  First, that stage set up was awkward, at best.  Why was there a runway portion going nowhere on both sides?  Looked like a big spider.  Or something.  Secondly, that rendition of the national anthem made me want to move to Canada.  Bless her heart.  Finally, let’s talk about that golden statue of you-know-who.  Why?  It looks like one of those cats in a Chinese restaurant window.  But more importantly, there are still enough public displays of the Ten Commandments in this world for anyone to read.  Choose ye, my people, the importance of thy reverence.  First Amendment or First Commandment?

Confusion.  Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are getting neutered.  Dr. Seuss is being censored.  I’m waiting for Romper Room to become a reality show with Kardashian offspring.  These are end times.