Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Luck O’ The (Virtual) Irish

We’ve never been fans of Dallas’ Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, but we know plenty of people who lived for the event.

For us, kicking back at home with a nice bottle of Irish whiskey’s far more our speed than huddled in a crowd of people puking up green beer on our shoes.

Well, with this year’s parade canceled again (unless that moron governor of ours decrees it safe at 1,000% capacity with mandatory licking of everyone within six feet of you), we’re excited to share that the North Texas Irish Festival has gone virtual.

Donate any amount and get access to five streaming entertainment channels. Donating $40 or more gets you an extra livestream channel for a total of six—the luckiest number this side of seven.

With so many hours of live music, dancing, cooking demonstrations and storytelling on tap throughout the day, you can fully let loose and dance a jig like nobody’s watching.

Because quite literally nobody outside your household will be.

Except maybe that nosey neighbor with the binoculars and a direct view of your living room.

Virtual North Texas Irish Festival
Donations accepted in any amount
Saturday, March 6