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Phone In Your Next Vacation

Can you even remember what it was like traveling without a camera in your hands 24/7?

We personally have vague memories of vacationing while lugging around both a still camera and video camera to capture anything to commemorate our most recent travel adventure. Half the time we missed a shot entirely by the time we got a camera out of its bag. Or gave up taking photos and videos altogether to avoid the hassle.

Of course, all that changed with the debut of smartphones and the singular reason we upgrade our iPhone nearly every year: the amazing, built-in cameras. Now in an instant, we can be pet photographers, food stylists or amateur pornographers, depending on the desires of the moment.

But with the ubiquity of darkrooms and movie studios in the palm of our hands, we’ve forgotten so many of the basics of good composition and the power of editing. Or we simply haven’t taken the time to explore the multitude of professional features standard on our iPhones that we never knew existed.

All that changes now with an essential book that will help you take incredible images. The iPhone Photography Book by Scott Kelby breaks it all down in ways that even the most novice photographer among us can understand and make dramatic changes for the best.

From shooting portraits of people to the power of cropping, he breaks down the essentials step by step. Even a quick scan of the table of contents will yield at least 25 tricks you’ll want to employ every day. And the rest of the lesser-needed tutorials will be there when you need them.

Kelby has written more than a dozen books on photography, but by narrowing the focus to the features and realities of the iPhone, he helps harness the power in the palm of your hand.

The power to create something truly beautiful.

The iPhone Photography Book by Scott Kelby
$23.99-39.99 (digital, print editions, and bundles)