Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Swishes Do Come True

Good morning!

Hope your day’s off to a great start. If it’s not, we have a suggestion.

Whenever we’re feeling down (which thankfully doesn’t happen too terribly often), we always know we can get a good chuckle from Swish Embassy.

Today, we were having a bit of a bad day so we went to the apparel site only to discover a treasure trove of new designs that led to us racking up a couple of hundred bucks of new, stimulus-funded t-shirts.

From Gilligan and the Skipper intertwined in a hammock to Julie Andrews invoking the F word (above), we wanted nearly every one of their new arrivals.

Of course, many of them can be turned into face masks, too.

We’re collecting them because even once the pandemic’s over, we think there will be plenty of occasions to walk into Trader Joe’s wearing this.

Or church.

Swish Embassy New Arrivals

Screenshots via swishembassy.com