Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

All The Antibodies You Could Ever Need

Everybody’s all abuzz about antibodies these days.

And soon, they’ll be buzzing about ANTIBODIES, too.

This interactive, billboard-size, double-sided LED wall will track your face and others, asking you to make faces that will appear larger than life for all the world to see—or at least everyone in West End Square.

The art installation by Daniel Iregui “reflects on the monotony of video calls—today’s imposed form of social gatherings in the COVID-19 era.”

It debuts on Sunday and you’re going to want to visit. But don’t worry, you have until April 14 to view this artistic endeavor that comes courtesy of AURORA.

You can even participate from anywhere via a web cam.

So the faces you make at home can make you famous for a bit in the West End Historic District.

Guess this means we need to pull out our box of wigs and funny glasses.

March 28 to April 14
West End Square
607 Corbin Street, Dallas

Photos courtesy of AURORA