Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Christians, Commandments & Canals.

Let us gather in prayer over these thoughts.

Christians.  I follow sports about like I follow the comings and goings of the citizens of Jakarta.  I’m sure it’s fascinating, but I just couldn’t care less.  However, when I heard that fine Christian schools have basketball teams playing in some sort of bracketed championship, I pay heed.  The Lord led the Church of Christ team from Abilene Christian University to the playoffs.  Alas, they have been defeated which was a shock to them since they thought they were only ones there.  Then the dribblers from Oral Roberts University made quite a showing until they were ousted by some wild hogs.  Apparently, the ORU prayer tower has lost its touch.  Most importantly, as I write this, Baylor University, the world’s largest Babatist University, is inching closer to victory in both men’s AND women’s teams.  Clearly, the Lord shines upon his chosen.  (Even if the women’s team seems to have some pre-ordained Lesbyterians.)

Commandments.  I am continuously amazed at how Scripture is getting sullied in American life.  I was aghast at the idolization of our previous President in full disobedience to the First Commandment to have no other gods before Him.  Then, I ‘bout near fainted over immigrant mistreatment which flew in the face of both Old and New Testament Scripture regarding the strangers and aliens.  But to see the red-letter words of our Lord in Scripture being usurped by law has left me speechless.  Matthew 25:35 ways “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink….”  Nowhere do I see where Jesus says “Not valid in Georgia.”  Lord, help us all.

Canals.  The world of commerce is relieved to have the Suez Canal reopened after a ship clogged the route.  I have no idea what shenanigans were going on in the driver’s seat of that barge, but SOMEBODY couldn’t stay within the lines.  But let me say, had the issue not resolved this week, I was prepared to travel to Egypt with a large quantity of MiraLax.  I have to drink that god-awful stuff before my colonoscopy and it clears my canal in a hurry!