Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Most Dangerous Photographer In History

Before you get scared off by the phrase “director’s cut,” don’t worry.

This one’s not a four-hour-and-two-minute commitment like that Justice League one over on HBO Max.

Instead, we implore you to rent or purchase Mapplethorpe: The Director’s Cut available on-demand today.

Directed by Ondi Timoner and starring Matt SmithMarianne Rendón and John Benjamin Hickey, the beautifully shot story of one of America’s most famous—and controversial photographers—takes viewers on a journey into the genius of Robert Mapplethorpe.

The iconic black-and-white images associated with Mapplethorpe include several that focused on the LGBT community and the alluring niches within. Can you imagine the candid shots we’d be treated to if he’d been around in the time of iPhone photography?

His work was an important factor in LGBT visibility. And part of our coming-out process back in the day, too. For years, we had one of his prints hanging in the bathroom that made us feel brave for telling anyone who visited that, yep, we were gay.

Now, we have some insight into how these photographs even came into the universe during a time when artistic expression was often condemned if it didn’t fit into certain molds.

Fortunately, Mapplethorpe was prepared to break them all.

Mapplethorpe: The Director’s Cut
$4.99 (rent); $14.99 (purchase)