Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Vaccine, Visage & Victory!

Witness here the movings of our Lord among us.

Vaccine.  I’d like to address a news item which I believe sullies the name of good Christians like myself.  Apparently, there is a trend among White Evangelical Christians to NOT get vaccinated against the Crayolavirus.  The reasons are myriad, but include “the vaccine contained aborted cell tissue,” “God was the ultimate healer and deliverer, so the vaccine is not the savior,” and “God designed the body to heal itself, if given the right nutrients . . . It would be God’s will if I am here or if I am not here.”  Lord, let us pray.  By these arguments, I plan on standing at the hospital door when these Sinners are beset with any illnesses.  May they be reminded that they have no business seeing a doctor.  Just get on your knees.

Visage.  I have been watching with interest and mild amusement our current White House Press Secretary, Sister Jen Psaki.  In an abrupt switch from the cockeyed banter of Sister Huckabee Sanders, Sister Psaki delivers a no nonsense response to all manner of questioning.  I liken her deadpan visage and slight sideways head tilt to one I take on when I am asked if I believe I’m a better Christian that anyone else.  It’s a look that exudes the word “REALLY???”  We need to call the Press Room some sort of Arbor in light of the shade given off on a regular basis.  Amen?

Victory.  THE LORD HAS SPOKEN.  As I have mentioned before, my alma mater of Baylor University has been smiled upon by our Lord as their basketball team has been leaping from one hoop of glory to the next.  In a final match up pitting Christians against the Lions, Baylor, the world’s largest Southern Babatist University, emerged victorious over the previously undefeated team from Gorgonzola University, a cheesy Catholic school in the Pacific Northwest.  Pay heed.  The Babatists defeated the Catholics.  A sign of what I believe will clearly happen on Judgement Day.  I just hope St. Peter grants me a safety or an extra two points for my lifelong ministry.